Helping Your Child Succeed

     Starting kindergarten is a big step in your child's life.  It is an exciting time for many firsts.  I look forward to working with your child in the next school year.

    Before the first day of school, take some time to visit with your child so that the route to school, the building, and the surroundings become familiar.  Below are some other suggestions to help your child have a smooth start to kindergarten.

At School the Children will:

At Home prepare your child:

Make a variety of choices (choosing   activities, materials to use...).

 Help your child make choices at home.
Share materials and toys with other children.

Give opportunities for your child to learn to share, wait, and take turns.

Dress himself or herself to go home and outside to play.

Encourage your child to practice putting on a jacket and tying sneakers independently.

Communicate needs to other children and adults.

Help your child to use language to make needs known and to solve problems. (going to the bathroom, asking for help...)

Participate in writing and reading activities.

Involve your child in writing and drawing. Talk about your child's name, the letters of the alphabet and their sounds.

Learn about numbers, shapes, sorting, estimating, graphing, measuring, and talk about their observations.

Talk about shapes and patterns in their environment.  Do sorting activities with toys or clothes.  Play games with your child that involve counting, matching, or patterning.

Listen to stories, poems and rhymes and non-fiction texts.

Tell stories and read poems together.  Read with your child and talk about the pictures, and the words and letters.

The # 1 thing you can do to help your child succeed

in school is to "READ-READ-READ" with,

and to your child everyday!




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