Kindergarten Learning Skills
      Listed below are kindergarten skills that are taught and assessed throughout the kindergarten year.  Please reinforce these skills at home so that your child can continue to progress.


Name (first, middle, last)

Address (street name and number, city, state)

Phone number

Birthday (month, day, year)

Bus number

Names 8 basic colors

Identifies and describes 4 basic shapes:
(circle, square, triangle, rectangle)

Can cut with scissors

Identifies color and number words


Identifies and names all upper and lower case letters

Identifies and makes the sounds of letters

Names the letters that make the beginning and ending sounds
of words

Chooses to look at books

Can follow the line of print by pointing from left to right
under each word

Can read basic sight words that were introduced in class

Prints first name using upper and lower case letters appropriately

Dictates a meaningful story with a beginning, middle and end

Can write a sentence using words spelled with invented spelling

Can read what he/she writes


Counts to 50, by mid-year

Recognizes numbers to 20

Prints numbers to 20

Recognizes and can create a pattern

Sorts by color, size, shape

Can make reasonable estimations

Compares sets (less, equal, more)

Understand before, between, after


Cleans up after self

Listens and follows directions

Listens quietly and politely

Follows classroom rules and routines

Works and plays cooperatively

Works and plays independently